Remote Support Manager

Remote Support Manager 8.3

Remote Support Manager – Remote Desktop and Server Management Software
8.3.3 (See all)
N-able Technologies Inc.

An integral tool within N-central, Remote Support Manager delivers the most powerful Windows desktop remote control and remote management software on the market. Launched with a single click from the N-central UI, Remote Support Manager empowers you to manage your customers' devices remotely, in real time, while users continue to work without disruption.

With an intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and use, Remote Support Manager gives you access to more than 45 distinct capabilities to control, manage and gather information from remote computers.

These capabilities include point-to-point file transfers, stopping and starting services, support for agent chat, access to the command prompt, detailed service and process information, event logs, registry and local disk manipulation. It also provides detailed real-time performance and capacity status.

With Remote Support Manager you can rapidly troubleshoot and resolve problems due to the information about, and control you have over, your customers' PCs and servers. As long as your customer is connected to the Internet, you can immediately remediate issues without impacting the customer's productivity.

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